Go Big or Go Home.

I was reminded tonight by a dear friend how ultimately I live this motto.

Packing up and moving cities with my family with less then 3 weeks notice? That's pretty freaking HUGE...

When I started drama in high school, one of my teachers shared this with us on our first day. It's always stuck with me, because it is how I am. Whenever I perform, I always go all the way...sometimes it's too much, and sometimes it is perfect. It is always easier to reign enthusiasm then it is to fake it, or vamp it up. I never need to remind myself to go big- because it is how I naturally am. It works in all aspects of my life- not just the performing side...

My daughter takes after me. I haven't decided if this is good or bad thing yet, I'll let you know when she turns 13. I do know that my Mom laughs when I share stories with her and mumbles something about 'karma....'?! That being said- I will NEVER try to curb my daughters excitement for life. I will never try to kill the creativity that comes so naturally to her. I see other children who are able to sit through a 2 hour movie at 12 months and I thank my lucky stars that my child can't sit still for 2 minutes. I LOVE that my child is able to think outside the box at 18 months of age.

I believe that everything in life should be worth doing, and if it is worth doing then it should be done BIG. When I save- I save BIG, when I spend...I spend small but on BIG things (or lots of things). It is this skill that I have, that my daughter has, that allows us to live the way we do. It gives me confidence and allows me to share the real me. I can only hope that my daughter will look to me as inspiration one day- as I look at my Mom.

So- I encourage you all to try, just for one day- go BIG or go home. You may feel silly, you may feel self-conscious- but someone might see you and you might inspire a change.

I've received numerous e-mails thanking me for my frugal tips, for my environment-saving ideas...and I feel like I've done what I set out to do. I've gone big- I've put my heart out on my sleeve and shared with you the ins and outs of living Frugally. Some of you have started making small changes yourselves...which makes me happy. I'm glad I could help...

So this is me...going big....

Frugally Yours,
Erin B. *that is as big as I can go here...*

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