Again, I apologise for my lack of posts.

If you are upset at this, then I suggest you come live a day in my life.

Don't knock it 'til you try it yo!

For shizzles...


That's what happens when you spend your days surrounded by high school students. Your vocab changes, you start checking your cellphone for txts every 3-5 minutes, and you have no time for the normal things you enjoy because you are 1. dealing with teenages, 2. planning to teach said teenages or 3. sleeping because teenagers (plus a 19 month old) are EXHAUSTING.

I have nothing in the way of Frugal-ness right now. I'm being VERY Frugal, not by choice, by necessity...(even though ultimately it is a choice). Even if I wanted to go out and spend friviously...even if we had the money for me to do that with...I wouldn't because I'm lacking the energy.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get energized (yes, this is coming from me, the Energizer Bunny) please pass your tip along. I'd love to hear it!

Stay tuned for a GIVE-AWAY in the next few days! :) That's right- our first ever GIVE-AWAY!

Oh- and a guest blogger! :)

Frugally Yours, (or in teenage lingo- 'peaced out')
Erin B.


Long story short...

It may have taken some harsh words and some knowledge about Customer Service etiquette BUT our phone and Internet WAS installed this evening.

Long story short: don't mess with an exhausted Mommy, who's baby is suffering from a double ear infection, who's just started teaching high school, who is coming down with a nasty bug...WHO SHOULDN'T BE MESSED WITH.

On an even more positive note- you'll all be happy to hear that I've survived my first 2 days in a high school. If you don't remember this post then I suggest re-reading about my phobia of hormonal high school students. The best part of today- being told by the one girl that actually frightens me, that I am "dope".

So pretty much I rock and even though she hates school- she thinks she will like my class. Thanks J.

Frugal Tip? Eat dinner at your parents house...every night....from now until they ask you to not come back. You will save BIG dollars! :) Thanks parental units for being so understanding and willing to feed your favourite daughter and favourite grand-daughter. It will all come back to you one day- your good deeds do not go unnoticed.

I'm going to go crash now.
Frugally Yours,
Erin B.


Welcome Back Erin!

And I am back.

Kind of...

For the weekend at least.

So here is the deal. Upon the recommendation of my glorious BFF, we switched from Shaw to Telus for our phone and Internet service. Our Shaw bill ranged between $50-58 a month for High Speed Lite Internet and the Basic Phone with Caller ID. After contacting Telus, they were going to upgrade my Internet to High Speed and with the Basic Phone for $30 a month for the first 6 months and then $46 for the months following that. Oh- I should also mention that I got the first month FREE with Telus. So...long story short- I call Telus, they tell me what they can give me, I call Shaw tell them what Telus will give me and I ended up up choosing Telus because Shaw just couldn't offer me anything different then what I already had. *Frugal Tip: barter*

Fast forward to Saturday. We move in. *I will post about that once my computer/Internet is up and running at the house*. My phone was to be activated that day, and my Internet on Wednesday. Nothing worked. I tried EVERY. JACK. IN. MY. HOUSE. TWICE. and nothing. So I busted out the cellphone and called and complained.

Nothing changed, it still didn't work and I was pissed because my cellphone died and the hubs had BOTH chargers (FML). So I go to my parents house, someone is sent to fix the issue at my house on Tuesday night and then WHAM...I have a working home phone! Yey! The only problem? Only one jack works. IN THE WHOLE HOUSE!! Seriously!!

So- Wednesday, the Internet is supposed to be activated. It was (apparently, I'm starting to believe that Telus is employed by Aliens) but it didn't work- go figure eh! So I'm pissed because HELLO- I'VE BEEN WITHOUT THE INTERNET FOR LIKE EVER!!! and I'm desperate to be back online AND THIS STUPID INTERNET IS NOT WORKING.

*I'm using lots of CAPITALS because it's been very frustrating and I'm trying to share that with you :) *

One working jack = phone or Internet...not both. It also means that to talk to some 'support person' at Telus, I need to use my cellphone because the modem needs to be plugged into the ONE. WORKING. JACK. Fast forward a freaking hour and a half and I'm in tears because this is stupid and the people don't speak ENGLISH (I'm not racist- so don't flame) and my Internet is still not working and I'm sick and tired of walking up and down the stairs so I BLOW up on the lady, wake my sleeping baby and hang up.

I called Shaw.

Obviously I shouldn't have switched companies. Retrospect is always 20/20 right?! I told the kind man at Shaw (kudos to Rob who listened to me bitch about Telus f0r 20 minutes) and he upgraded my Internet for LESS then what we were paying before and gave us the same phone package we had before. So $20.95 for phone and $23 for their High Speed Internet. That is a total of $44 which is less then what I'd be paying Telus after the initial 6 months (it's only $2 but it's still a saving!). They are coming on Tuesday between 6-8pm (did I mention that if someone from Telus is going to come to your house you need to be there ALL DAY because they don't do appointments?). Shaw people are going to come in, install it, ensure that it all works AND NOT CHARGE ME (did I mention that any service call from Telus costs $19.99/15 minutes?).

Thank you Shaw for being better then Telus- I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

Morale of the Story? Telus sucks. Sometimes a 'deal' isn't worth the headache...and for once, I realize that.

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.