Long story short...

It may have taken some harsh words and some knowledge about Customer Service etiquette BUT our phone and Internet WAS installed this evening.

Long story short: don't mess with an exhausted Mommy, who's baby is suffering from a double ear infection, who's just started teaching high school, who is coming down with a nasty bug...WHO SHOULDN'T BE MESSED WITH.

On an even more positive note- you'll all be happy to hear that I've survived my first 2 days in a high school. If you don't remember this post then I suggest re-reading about my phobia of hormonal high school students. The best part of today- being told by the one girl that actually frightens me, that I am "dope".

So pretty much I rock and even though she hates school- she thinks she will like my class. Thanks J.

Frugal Tip? Eat dinner at your parents house...every night....from now until they ask you to not come back. You will save BIG dollars! :) Thanks parental units for being so understanding and willing to feed your favourite daughter and favourite grand-daughter. It will all come back to you one day- your good deeds do not go unnoticed.

I'm going to go crash now.
Frugally Yours,
Erin B.