They Can Smell Fear.

I'm a teacher.

I've been given the power to mold the minds of our future generations- who thought that was a good idea?

Yes- I have a lot of great ideas, a sparkling personality and I carry myself with poise and confidence- all things that 'ideally' would make a good teacher.

Then throw in my stubbornness, my lack of flexibility and my 'my-way-or-the-highway' attitude and I'm pretty sure I'm a tragic accident waiting to happen.

And unfortunately, that 'accident' will happen in front of a bunch of high school students.

High school students scare the crap out of me.

High school students will rip the limbs from my body.

They can smell fear.

I'm freaking out.

I can do kids under 11 years of age. For one thing, I'm taller then they are. For another, they are still innocent and think their teacher's know everything. High school students- DIFFERENT. STORY. They know it all. Haven't you heard? Teachers don't know a thing when it comes to teaching pubescent adolescents. They are right, you are wrong. End. Of. Story.

That, right there, freaks me out.

I'll know I'm right, they'll know I'm right, but because they are bigger then I am, they will win. Damn my short stature...

So- I bought new shoes!

They are supposed to make me feel better about this whole 'teaching experience' that will inevitable be my demise come March 8th.

They pretty much rock.


If it is one thing I firmly believe, it is that shoes should never be bought used. They should be borrowed or bought on sale- but never used. You'll get warts, or Athlete's Foot, or something else nasty...NOT GOOD. *The only FRUGAL point of the day*

I went to the mall with a 17-year-old teenage girl. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the enemy (Miss S is not the enemy, but she shares the gender) so that I can feel prepared when I step through the doors of the Prison (literally, the school was designed after a Prison) in March. We went with the intent to let Charlotte burn off some energy- and ended up buying me new shoes, a few $2.50 shirts (yea, I can sniff out a bargain anywhere) and a donut.

My new shoes rock.

If anyone disses them, I'll kick them.

These are my teacher shoes.

I shall wear them with pride as I am fed to the lions.

I hope they think I'm cool...

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.


  1. First off - Congratulations!

    I would totally be terrified too. You're blog gave me a really good giggle. I miss being 16 and knowing everything *le sigh*.

    Looking forward to hearing about your first day. You'll do amazing. What subject will you be teaching?

    Love the shoes! They're Phat. ;)

  2. Erin! Great blog! You'll do fine... you're teaching drama! After all the academic classes, horrible boring assignments/papers.. art and drama are the classes they LOVE! They really are no different than the little ones... all looking for love, someone to acknowledge them, tell them they are brilliant... They just have bigger bodies and the problems are slightly different. Instead of someone leaving them out of a game at recess they are left out of the weekend party. You will be a breath of fresh air for them instead of their same 'ol regular teacher. THEY WILL LOVE YOU!!! Can't wait to hear your stories once you start in the classroom... have fun!

  3. One way to calm the nerves while teaching is to remember the awesome conversations you overhear between teenagers. Everything at that age is said with such passion, conviction and drama that it makes for great blogging material. Especially the stuff that comes from hormonal, high strung girls about boys and love. I request that you dedicate a post to such conversation eavesdropping :)

  4. Oh Erin - you will learn to love high school students. they can be so much fun. Plus - You cannot use sarcasm with the little ones...they just cry :)

  5. Oh, I will definitely eavesdrop and post conversations- maybe even audio footage...

    Sarcasm can go either way in HS I find. Either they get it and you win them over, or they don't get it and think you are a bitch.

  6. Sweetheart! You are funny. I LOVEEEEEEE highschool and wouldn't want to teach anywhere else. Yes - they can be difficult, but they can also be wonderful. My only advice is to be reasonable and fair, give them choices, and treat them like the young adults they are (if they deserve it -- this can also be used as leverage.) Have FUN! You will be great.

  7. Erin you'll be OK! Grade 11 and 12 will be awesome because Drama is a class they WANT to be in- I find gr 11 and 12 students much better than gr 10 students. Gr 10 kids give me a headache.. i taught 2 periods of gr 10 Careers- ugh, they are .... and interesting age group. Gr 11 and 12 I love though, you'll kick butt, especially with those new shoes! Let me know if you want any tips- but seriously, you;ll be fine!

  8. You all make me feel more confident. If all else fails...I'll come crying to you when shit hits the fan. :) Thanks for your encouraging words.