Kill Bill- Vol 1 & Vol 2.

I forgot how awesomely violent and gory these movies are.

I almost yakked 3 times tonight while watching them.

It sure didn't help that I had heartburn- and was slightly light-headed...

That combined with the spraying blood, limb removal, beheading, stabbing, slashing etc...I'm surprised I could keep the bile down.

Lawrence was on the computer ALL. NIGHT. I asked for an hour if he was almost done- and each time, "yes, just a few more minutes..." (read: 60 minutes, read: the WHOLE freaking movie).

He said I wouldn't be able to watch both movies in one night. I wouldn't have, especially not feeling how I did tonight...but I did- just to prove I could.

My brother-in-law cannot watch the Kill Bill movies, because every time he hears "bang bang" he laughs like a little girl...nice Matt. Luckily he wasn't around to participate in tonight's escapades.

Now, I feel like crap. I'm tired. My hair is a mess. And I kind of wish I had some mad Samurai Sword Skillz...

Tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow I will be going to our Church for a Free Item Exchange...I'm sure to score a bunch of sweet stuff.

Free stuff will make up for the epic fail that was my evening.

How did I find out about this awesome Exchange? I befriended a 17 year old...she knows all the inside stuff. Definite Bonus.

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.

PS: No meal plan this week- I shopped for $34 last week and it was enough to last us 2 weeks- that is how AWESOME I am. I just need milk. I rock.


  1. $34 on groceries for 2 weeks?!?! You're my hero! I'm not telling you what I've spent on groceries the last 2 days.

    I love Kill Bill - we saw it in the theater, I was all excited for movie popcorn, and 20 seconds in to the movie I handed it over to my boyfriend (now husband) and didn't touch another piece! I also spent a good third of the movie covering my eyes - I do much better with it on a smaller screen :)

  2. Yea- the movies rock on a small screen. And my shopping skills are intense. I think the key to my success if having a well stocked freezer and pantry.