Intended for WOMEN only...TMI below.

Title says it all...if you are a boy- stop reading this now. It will only make you blush.

Seriously- turn away now....

I warned you....

Ok ladies- so we all dread that time of the month- when things get all...well...weird...down south in our girly parts. If you are like me, it's not a very pleasant thing, between the cramps, the cravings, the PMSing and the BLOOD (eww!) it's really a week that I wish I never had to suffer through. I went for 17 months without a period- and post partum, I must say, it has returned with a vengence. *le sigh*

Recently I've been looking for something more environmentally friendly, cheaper and better for my health, something that isn't a MAXI PAD or a TAMPON...and I stumbled upon a Diva Cup. It appears almost to good to be true. It is reusable, it doesn't fill our landfills or clog our toilets, and it's a one time purchase, lasting you quite a few years- instead of, well...a few hours.

In light of my recent obsession with online shopping, and at the recommendation of a good friend, I stumbled upon this site, which sells them for CHEAP- less then $25 (that includes shipping) AND I don't have to go out and try to find one. Done deal. Since I have a few weeks between now and when that evil Aunt Flow will rear her ugly head- it should arrive in plenty of time.

So you think $25 is a bit much? It isn't. Once again, I will break it down *mathmatically speaking* to show you how it WILL save you money.

A thing of pads will run you a minimum of $5 *depending on the brand*

A box of tampons will run you anywhere between $7-10 *depending on the brand*
A thing of pads will last you 2 cycles? A box of tampons the same? So we are looking at between $10-$15 every 2 cycles- which breaks down to $5-$7 a cycle. Times that by 12, and you are looking at anywhere between $60-$84 A YEAR on feminine protection. That number shocks me. I just paid $25 and it will last me more then a year...probably 2 if not more! So I'm looking at a maximum savings of $143 dollars for 2 years! And what makes it even better- that is 2 years worth of stuff that I am not throwing into our landfills or flushing down our toilets.

Still freaked out at the thought of using a Diva Cup? Check out their site and have some of your questions answered. Want to hear a real person, giving a real recommendation? Check back here in a month or so and I will let you know what I think about it. :)

Until then- happy periods! (hahaha)

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.


  1. I am Looking forward to hearing what you think of this! I was reading about this at work today... I am a community Health Nurse in a First Nation Community and I am always looking for great new things to help Mother Earth.

  2. I've heard only positive responses from my Mommy friends who use it- so I am quite excited. I was on the fence about getting it for quite some time, then I did the math and decided it was worth it. I'll for sure let you know how it goes.

  3. Yep...I'm in too, Erin! Thanks for the link, I was going to buy one here in town for $10 more than that. And I have a few weeks before I need it too!

  4. I've just stumbled onto this blog through CB, great stuff!

    I had to comment on this post especially - I used to work at a Sexual Health Resource Centre where we sold the Diva Cup. $25 is an amazing price!

    Just wanted to add in a few tips if you don't mind:

    1) The Diva cup may not work for everyone, some women just can't used to wearing it. That being said, we always recommended using the cup through 3 cycles before giving up, because for most women it does get easier :)

    2) The long tip at the end of the Diva cup can easily be snipped to make it more comfortable

    3) The cup needs to be sterilized after each cycle, so it's not great to take with you if you're planning on spending the summer camping, etc :P

    Go Diva Cup!

  5. Thanks for commenting Rianne- I'm really excited to try it out. :)

  6. I bought one 2 years ago when we were going to be in Cuba for our wedding and AF was due!!! AHH!! I knew I didn't want to carry tampons or pads around with me so I bought one. It did take some getting used to, but I did end up liking it! Then I got pregnant and I would need to get the other model. And now I have a cystocele, and don't think it would quite work for me. sigh... lol

    But anyway ... I do recommend it! :)

  7. is it the same as a moon cup? I have been wondering about them too.......