Frugal Craft

I was feeling creative today.

I needed to make something that I couldn't eat.

I made Charlotte a new Blankie. (Side Note: she wanted to take it to 'nighnigh" with her, but I can hear her playing with it now, instead of sleeping...tsk tsk)

Now, I've seen these things being sold for OUTRAGEOUS prices so I made mine out of stuff I already had in the house, which of course = FREE.

What's even better? It literally took me an hour to do, which is SO awesome. I plan on making tons of these things and giving them away as gifts- Birthdays, Christmas (damn it just passed), Baby Showers, New Arrivals- you name it. They are super easy to make and they are super cute. So if you are someone close to me, who has a youngster/are expecting- then you know what you/your child will be getting sometime in the future.

I made this one out of 3 old flannel receiving blankets and some left over ribbons from tutus and hair bows.

What you will need:
4- 8" square pieces of flannel (complimenting colours. I plan on making one tomorrow out of fleece)
1- 16" *roughly* piece of flannel (for back, complimenting colour)
7- 12" pieces of various complimentary *or not* ribbons
Needles & Thread
Straight Pins
Sewing Machine

All Seams: 1/4"

1. From 2 coordinating Flannel pieces, cut two 8" squares from each fabric.

2. With right sides together, pin and sew pieces together; press seams towards fabric B.

3. Place patchwork (blankie top) piece with the 3rd flannel piece (blankie bottom) right sides together. Trim pieces to be even.

4. Cut all ribbon into 3" pieces. Place blankie top right side up (so you can see the patchwork). Fold each piece of ribbon in half, and pin in place with the loop pointing towards the centre. Stitch into place.

5. Place blankie top and bottom pieces right side together. Pin and stitch, leaving a 5" opening for turning. Trim Corners and turn blankie right side out.

6. Press and hand stitch (I used my machine along the very edge) the opening closed.

Finished Size: Approximated 15" x 15"

I am not very good at sewing, but this was SO easy. And totally free. :) Even if I have to buy new fabric (which I eventually will need to) it will still be pretty cheap, much cheaper then buying a name brand one, and WAY cooler because it is homemade. :)

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.


  1. Try going to your local thrift store. At Christmas I found metre long ends of all kinds of fabrics for $0.50! It was the Royal Inland Hospital thrift store on Victoria STreet in Kamloops... Get your relatives to go shopping for you! It was amazing...I bought about $8 worth for quilting projects for Helen...there are ribbons and things, too.

  2. Also check out my blog http://earthship.darfield.com to see the quilt I'm making from FREE quilting scraps I received on Freecycle.org. http://earthship.darfield.com/2010/01/helens-quilt.html is the link that will take you there. Helen's quilt and at the end, mine!

  3. Thanks Bee! :)
    Sandra- thanks for the link- that is an awesome idea. I actually just posted last night on our Kijiji here about free/inexpensive fabric scraps for a quilt. I'll see what comes of it. I also plan on checking out some thrift stores...etc...see what I can find in the old curtain/table cloth area...make an awesomely tacky quilt...well that is my intent... :)