Battle of the Buns

I love cinnamon buns.

Two friends have recently posted recipes on their blogs.


Two similar yet different recipes and I am intrigued to try both. One calls for more 'expensive' ingredients and the other has all things that are pantry items.

My brother-in-law is staying with us this weekend, so I decided it would be the prefect time to try out BOTH recipes and see which one is actually better.

There will be 6 judges (2 of whom are toddlers). I will post the results on Saturday afternoon after the scheduled tasting on Saturday morning.

They will both be served with Ms. B's glorious Cinnabon Frosting. It's to die for, so good in fact that it would make poop taste good (I'm not even kidding you).

May the best BUN win...

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.

1 comment:

  1. I will agree with Erin. The icing would make even poop tasty. Good on cinnamon buns, cookies and popcorn. But it's our secret. ;)