Day Five

Day Five: Six things you wish you could change or wish you have never done.

1. I would change the hair cut that I got last April- it goes down in the books as the WORST hair cut I've ever gotten. I'm still trying to grow it out.

2. I wish I'd never been so careless with money when I was 18 and had a lot of it. I would have put it in savings and been more responsible with it.

3. I wish I'd never gotten my nose pierced.

4. I would have stayed home and cleaned my house the day Mr. Man was born instead of going to Costco and Ikea.

5. I would go back to my wedding day and made sure that the music for our first dance didn't cut out halfway through.

6. I would change the amount of effort I put into my final semster of University (class wise) so that my GPA wouldn't have dropped. That being said, I did the minimum because I also had a 13 month old baby...so considering that I'm happy.

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.

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