Day Ten

Day ten: One confession.

1. The majority of my friends I've met online and with the exception of a handful, I've never met most of them in real life. Yet, these ladies are the greatest friends and they are so supportive and loving. The only problem- they are wide spread across Canada. It is great for travelling, but not so awesome when you need a ladies night! Even though I have all of these virtual friends, I'm feeling utterly friendless at the moment. This seems to be a trend in my life. I had a falling out with a number of friends after I got married, because we were no longer at the same point in our lives. After having Miss C I experienced the same thing again, loosing more friends because I had a baby and a lot of responsibilities. However I was able to make some new friends in Lethbridge and they were great. We moved to Calgary. I started teaching full time. I got pregnany AGAIN, and it seemed like I was all alone again. Aside from a few special people I literally had zero friends in Calgary. I started teaching again...and was working 40+ hours a week, I was pregnant and exhausted when I wasn not working and wanted to spend time with my family- yet even those friendships seemed strained now. I just had no extra time or energy to commit to those I considered friends. So fast forwarrd to now. It is the middle of winter, I have a newborn baby, a couped up 2 year old and I only have access to a car once a week and sometimes on weekends. We cannot afford another car or for my husband to take transit every day. I only have 2 friends who have more then one child. I am literally stuck in my house! I am not someone who loves to spend all my time at home. Miss C is not the type either. I am social, I like to go out and do stuff, but I am extremely limited in what I can do right now. I need friends who live by me, within walking distance- a heafy request I know.
That is my confession....
Frugally Yours,
Erin B.


  1. I'm free for play dates 5 days a week =) And I have 4 kids in my home whom are Charlotte's age =)

    Feel free to come by any time!

  2. I might not be close but I am in Calgary and I don't have little ones but I'm still up for coffee or whatever friend!

  3. Erin,
    I completely understand and sympathize with how you feel. I have been/am in the same boat with just some different circumstances leading up to it!! I feel for you - wish i was closer.

  4. I can also sympathise. I'm a homebody, but there's only so much one person can take! I hope you find nice people in your neighbourhood soon!