101 in 1001.

Starting Day: December 17th 2009
Ending Day: September 13th 2012

My 101 in 1001.

1. Go to Germany with my family.
2. Do a triathlon.
3. Run a 10k in an hour.
4. Get my hair professionally highlighted.
5. Re-read the Harry Potter Series.
6. Watch all the Harry Potter Movies.
7. Donate Blood 5 times. (0/5)
8. Donate Plasma 5 times. (0/5)
9. Eat vegetarian for a week.
10. Learn to play the guitar.
11. Sing solo at Karaoke.
12. Move cities.
13. Make a mix tape/CD for a good friend.
14. Go to a Hockey game with my husband.
15. Take Charlotte to the Calgary Zoo.
16. Graduate from University.
17. Build a snowman.
18. Lose the last 10 pounds.
19. Take Charlotte for a walk every day for a month.
20. Have a candlelight dinner.
21. Watch 5 classic horror films (0/5)
22. Get another tattoo.
23. Buy and colour an entire colouring book.
24. Travel to the USA.
25. Get a passport.
26. Make 5 new friends. (0/5)
27. Watch 100 movies (0/100)
28. Finish the blanket I started knitting Charlotte.
29. Drink 2L of water a day for a month.
30. Climb a mountain.
31. Send a message in a bottle.
32. Not use my computer for a whole week.
33. Hug a stranger.
34. Have a sleepover with my girlfriends.
35. Learn how to do long division.
36. Fast for 24 hours.
38. Go out dancing.
39. Watch 6 movies in 24 hours.
40. Buy something off eBay.
41. Climb a tree.
42. Complete a 365 photo project.
43. Do a crossword puzzle.
44. Learn to cross stitch.
45. Donate $1 too charity for every goal not completed.
46. Update Charlotte’s baby book.
47. Blog every day for a month.
48. Learn a new language. (German)
49. Do a Random Act of Kindness.
50. Do a newborn baby photo shoot.
51. Plant a seed and watch it grow.
52. Whiten my teeth.
53. Recycle more.
54. Join a for-fun soccer league.
55. Go to a berry picking farm.
56. Get a goldfish.
57. Make Thai food for dinner.
58. Adopt a rescue dog.
59. Take a photography class.
60. Take snowboard lessons.
61. Host a dinner party.
62. Go skinny dipping.
63. Go to 3 concerts. (0/3)
64. Submit a secret to PostSecret.
65. Get a Blackberry.
66. Learn to ride a motorcycle.
67. Donate old clothes to people in need.
68. Change a tire on a car.
69. Spend a day at the beach.
70. Go to Toronto.
71. Go Paintballing.
72. Attend a cooking class.
73. Sew myself something.
74. Make my bed everyday for a week.
75. Write a letter to someone I admire.
76. Volunteer at a Nursing Home.
77. Teach Charlotte how to count to 10.
78. Send birthday cards to my friends on their birthdays.
79. Watch all the Star Wars Movies.
80. Watch all the Lord of the Ring movies without falling asleep.
81. Do the 30 Hour Famine.
82. Have shoulder surgery.
83. Get my CPR certificate.
84. Take a cake decorating course.
84. Plant a tree.
85. Fly somewhere.
86. Attend the Calgary Stampede.
87. Sky Dive.
88. Ride a mechanical bull.
89. Learn to make paper.
90. Declutter my house.
91. Make a 4 layer chocolate cake.
92. Write a play.
93. Send 12 people I’ve always wanted to talk to 5 questions and see what their answers are.
94. Bake a pie from scratch.
95. Call my Grandma every week for a month. (0/4)
96. Play a game of Scrabble.
97. Buy flowers for someone I love.
98. Take part in BookCrossing.
99. Learn to make Crème Brule.
100. Tell someone I love them for 1001 days.
101. Start a new 101 in 1001 list.

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Frugally Yours,
Erin B.


  1. Hey Erin, I can help you with #83! I've been teaching CPR for years.


  2. #34 would be so much fun. We should do that before you move to Calgary.

    I can help you with #44

  3. Billie- that would be awesome!

    Brenda- we totally need to have a sleepover/Harry Potter Movie-athon/bender...and for the cross-stitching that would be great. My mom does it as well...I just want to learn...