I don't care if you call me immature, at least I'm having more fun then you!

LISTEN & ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

Listening to this makes me extremely happy- I mean honestly, how can you not just love this song? I think it compliments this post nicely...

Erin + Food = We Belong....

So right now, I should really be studying- but I am taking a break...so here are the promised goods.

Menu Plan:
Friday: Chili Cheese Fries
Saturday: Pasta & Sauce
Sunday: Burgers, Spinach Salad
Monday: Sweet & Sour Pork with rice and steamed cauliflower
Tuesday: Grandpa's Meatballs and Potatoes
Wednesday: Homemade Tomato Soup w/ Grilled Cheese
Thursday: Veggie Pizza

And want to know what totally kicks butt about this meal plan?? I had pretty much everything. All I bought was milk (homo & skim) and a pack of peppers and some yogurt. Sweet! Less then $10....

Want to know what I spent the remainder of my grocery money on??
Christmas Baking stuff...
Golden Grahams
White Chocolate chips
Naniamo Bar Mix
Cheerios, Shreddies and Pretzels (for a sweet twist on Nuts&Bolts)...
and a few other things that I cannot currently.

We are eating pretty boring this week, mostly because Lawrence is working almost every night, so it's just going to be Miss C and I...and I have 2 finals this week...so I don't want to be stressing about dinner...it's quick and easy stuff this week. :)

Ok- I'm going to get back to studying and stuff...while I rock out to this awesome 80's jam! :)

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.

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