Snowed In.


And I wish I wasn't such a stupidhead who forgot to take pictures.

The husband, literally had to dig us out of our house this morning because the drifts were THAT. AWESOME.

Oh well. You'll have to trust me when I say it was epic...

On a similar and equally snowy note, let me share with you a story.

There once was this family of 3, the Mother, the Father and the Infant. They lived in a small house, in a small town and even though they were there for good reasons (school) they were excited to move to a bigger and better city. The Christmas Season is upon this family of 3. They have been invited to many Christmas parties, and between school, work and other event, have rearranged their lives for the weekend so that they could attend said parties. (Literally- weekends from now until Christmas are pretty much spoken for because the family is popular...)
It snows.
Now, I don't mean it snows on an off for a day. I'm talking serious white out conditions, with blowing snow that goes on for days....and by days I mean hours....you get my drift....lol.
So- this family, knowing that they need to bring goodies to these parties, venture out into the INSANE weather to buy groceries. The Mother in this story is a frugal type- who shops smart and sticks to her budget. She has been carefully skimping and saving and has been able to scrounge up TWENTY extra dollars so that she can buy the extra food she will need to bring to these parties. This family spends what was budgeted, buys the extra food to feed the 20+ extra mouths over the weekend, and then literally almost die while trying to return home. Seriously...white out conditions, zero visibility and trying to drive on unplouged roads = almost death for a Mother and her infant.
Long story short...when the family returns home with ALL their groceries after almost dying to get them, the light on their answering machine is blinking. The Mother listens to the message and is informed that 2/3 of their parties have been cancelled. Fine. The Mother can make the salad she was planning on taking to party #2 and take it to party #1 and the dips for party #3 would likely be enjoyed by the Father. All is fine. She gets a call. Party #1 is cancelled.
The Mother is not impressed. Granted, she understands that the weather is crappy (she was out in it) and she understands that the roads are poopie (she was driving them) and she wouldn't want anyone to get hurt...but seriously?! A phone call could not have been made the night before...or even earlier that morning BEFORE the Mother left the house? Especially considering she received an email saying it was still on moments before leaving? *sigh* Alas, all the parties were cancelled, and the Mother and Father locked themselves inside, made pizza and watch movies...

And in case you haven't figured it out yet...I am the Mother.

Merry Christmas!

Erin B.

**please note that this post was not meant to insult anyone or hurt anyone's feelings**

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