Frugal Fun.

Frugal [froo-guhl]: economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful.

Fun [fuhn]: something that provides mirth or amusement.

*definitions from dictionary.com

Two things I LURVE...having fun and being frugal while doing so. Personally, I prefer doing activities with my family that cost us very little in the money department and rate high in the fun department. So I've compiled a list of fun frugal activity that you can enjoy over the Christmas Holidays (when money is short and you have LOTS of time) with your family.

  • Festival of Lights- many cities have tours of some of the best houses that are decorated over the Christmas Season. Some are driving tours and some are walking tours- but either way, they are both fun and enjoyable for everyone in your family.
  • A Live Nativity Pageant- I know of a handful of cities (including my small town) that put on live Nativity Pageants. They often run the week before Christmas, in the evenings often more then one show a night. I highly recommend trying to find one in your area. We've attended for the last 4 years and we will continue doing so for years to come. The best part- they are absolutely free and lots of fun! *Remember to dress warm and bring a blanket!*
  • Sledding/Tobogganing- totally fun for EVERYONE and totally cost efficient! I've found numerous sleds & toboggans on Kijiji for cheap- so if you don't have one, you can find one and not break the bank doing so. Moms, Dads, Kids- everyone enjoys speeding down a hill...
  • Make A Snowman- another enjoyable outside activity that is fun for the whole family. I guess the only killer for this and the one above would be a lack of snow- but here in Alberta there is no shortage.
  • The Christmas Train- ok so it has already been here- but I'm sure there are most stops on its way to...wherever it goes...and you should totally try to see it. It's free and fun! There is usually a Santa, free hot chocolate/coffee (ours was sponsored by Starbucks) and lots of singing and lights. To find out more, click HERE.
  • Church Parties- if you are a church goer- then you will know how awesome Church things are. This past weekend, we went to a Christmas Dinner & Dance and a Festival of Choirs...both of which were awesome. Charlotte got to see Santa at the Dinner & Dance, she also got to party with some of her little friends and we all enjoyed a tasty meal (free aside from the salad that we brought). The Festival of Choirs was incredible. We got to sing, we got to listen to beautiful Christmas Carole's and we got to visit with some of our family.
  • Making/Decorating a Gingerbread House- for the first time EVER I made a gingerbread house. It turned out great and we decorated it as a family. We spent UNDER $5 to make and decorate it (thank you Bulk Barn) and now we get to enjoy it.
  • I also wanted to mention that a lot of Library's have Christmas Story times and Arena's have free skates- so it's worth checking out your local community guides to see what is happening near you!

So, it's not an exhaustive list, but it should give you some ideas to keep you and yours occupied over the next few days. I hope you find some frugal fun in your area!

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.


  1. Also, lots of small towns have Christmas parades; some even toss out candy (and presents!!!) to the spectators!

  2. Oh yes! How could I have forgotten!? Santa Claus Parades are LOTS of fun...thanks for adding that Sandra!