St. Stephen's Day

Happy Boxing Day, aka: the Feast of Stephen's Day! *betcha didn't know that...*

Kim and I decided to brave the malls today.

I am SO glad we did.

I got the Hubby two pairs of NAMEBRAND jeans for $15.00 *each*! I kid you not! That is cheaper then Costco Brand!

I got some shirts for me for $2.50 *each*!

And I finally used a Gymboree giftcard that I got at one of my Baby Showers (over 17 months ago) and got Charlotte some clothes for the summer. I'm talking $40 dollar dresses (original ticketed price) for $6.99 and a pair of $50 shoes for $10.99. My giftcard was for $35 and I got Charlotte 8 items.

These types of sales are rare and I'm SO glad I went to the mall.

You should too.

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.


  1. I went downtown to the mall there and HOLY MAN! I got a Nine West purse regular $125 and I got it for $47

  2. Sweet, that is a wicked deal Miko!