Retail Therapy

Sitting at work this afternoon, I was witness to a very interesting conversation regarding retail therapy. It was so interesting in fact, that I thought it blog worthy, so here I am...

Even though I'm a self proclaimed Frugal Person, I can honestly say that I have indulged myself in Retail Therapy- which may be a contraction to everything I have ever posted- but oh well!

Our conversation was enlightening and intriguing, and hey- it's always good to know that you aren't the only one who goes out and buys a whole new wardrobe or numerous tubes of lipstick or bags upon bags of gently used baby clothes....

Despite our obvious differences in our preferred type of shopping- we all did have a similarity.

Our trigger??

Having no money!

It's strange. It's like a female gene clicks to 'ON' when the numbers in the bank account fall below the comfortable line, and impulsively we hit the mall...or London Drugs....

Shopping away the stress...but it makes absolutely no sense!

Why would you purposely go out and spend when you have very little, if any to be spending on frivolous things...?!

Well isn't it obvious.....??

You need to look good/your side-kick needs to look good....

Why does it make you feel better?

*I'm going to go all science on your @$$ so just wait for it...*

Women shop when they are feeling stressed. Shopping makes us feel good. We feel good because our brain releases endorphins. Endorphins make us feel happy. Happy people don't feel stressed.

So there you have it. Retail shopping is good for us when we are stressed. End of story.

Not-So-Frugally Yours,
Erin B.

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