Guest Blogger

I want one or two...or maybe a few more. I can kind of see me building up a small army...of bloggers.... . . . . . .

Think you have what it takes to be a Guest Blogger on Frugally Yours??

Are you Frugal? Do you have an awesome story or some fun tips to share? Do you want to try your hand at blogging before you set up your own blog? Then this is for you!

There are only a few requirments, so it's ideal for pretty much...everyone! Male or Female- I have no preference.

#1. You must commit for a 1 month guest spot.
#2. You will be required to write 2 blog posts in that month's time.
#3. They must be submitted to moi a week in advance of their schdeduled posting date.
#4. All posts must include frugal living ideas/tips/advice etc...in other words, the posts have to stick with the theme of the blog.

Guest posts will be posted on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month- starting in January.
**they may or may not continue after that, I want to see how it goes before I decide 100% on it**

If you are interested in being a Guest Blogger on Frugally Yours- send me a message on FB, email me, call me, IM me, or comment below telling me why you think I should choose you!! Easy-peasy...

Erin B.


  1. Cool idea.. lots of the craft blogs I read seem to do this quite often.

  2. hum....I think that I would do this.... I do have blogs but just do not find the time to update them...i could commit to a couple posts a month..... Let me know what you think :)

  3. Hey Trisha!
    Send me an email at my uleth account and I will hook you up! :)

  4. is it erin. b.. or... .k....??

  5. Erin K....you could just FB me as well...either or! :)

  6. Erin I would be interested in guest blogs...(see http:earthship.darfield.com) for samples of mine. I'm Brandy Barrnett's friend in B.C. Where can I email you privately to chat?

  7. Sandra- send me an email at erin.krasselt@uleth.ca and we can go from there!!