Don't shoot the messenger.

I think being a man would be cheaper.

Don't get me wrong, I love myself and I love being a woman and all the wonderfulness that comes along with boobies and the ability to make baby's from scratch...which I can do pretty darn well.

But sometimes, I truly believe that being a man, would save me a bunch of money.

My rationale:

1. Their clothes are cheaper and they need fewer accessories. No handbags, clutches, boots, matching earrings and bracelets and all the other crap that women (myself included) insist on wearing on a regular basis. Not only do we need all these accessories, but we need them in a few different colours...

2. Our haircuts cost a fortune compared to men haircuts. I can spend upwards of $70 to have my hair cut by someone I truly trust with my precious curls. My husband? I cut his hair for free. On that same note, women often use more products in their hair...

3. Women = makeup = EXPENSIVE. Holy geez! I like looking pretty but I just can't keep up with the cost of makeup. I'm sorry, but I can't afford to spend $20 on eyeliner, or $50 on mascara. Call me cheap, but I prefer the stuff I can get at Shoppers for under $5. Men = no makeup = cheaper.

4. Women eat less, but because we are smaller we need high quality food which = more expensive. Because men are bigger they can eat lower quality food (because they have bigger stomachs) which means they can spend the same amount as us but get much more. Don't believe me, come join me in my Psyc2700 class on Thursday nights from 6-8:50 and I'm sure my prof would love to tell you all about it.

5. Men don't have to dish out money for FEMALE products every month. That = cheaper.

6. Generally speaking, their alcoholic beverage of choice (beer) is cheaper then the mixed drinks (martini's) that women like to drink. I'm talking $2-3 dollars difference here...with 2-4 drinks, that's a significant amount of $$.

Well that's all folks. My creative juices have run dry. After writing a 9 page research paper in 10 hours, I'm pretty much tired of typing and my brain is pretty much mush.

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.

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