We have 2 Purell bottles in our house. I bought them before Charlotte was born with the intention of making everyone who wanted to hold her use it. Alas, that did not happen. I used it a lot after diaper changes and such...but both of the bottles were hardly used.

*enter H1N1*

We use Purell daily. I use it on myself, I make Lawrence use it, and I frequently rub some on Charlotte's hands. It does not take the place of washing our hands, we still do that ALL the time, but when we are out, it's quick and easy. ANYWAYS, they are almost empty. I laugh because it took me over a year to get the bottles down to half, and within 2 months, we've used the rest. I was at Walmart looking to purchase some more and nearly chocked when I saw a bottle of it cost $5. Pre-baby...I'd spend that. Post-baby...HELL NO! So, what do you do when you are too cheap to buy it but still want to use it?! You go to the University and fill up your bottles with the Purell from the pumps that are LOCATED EVERYWHERE. Lawrence thinks it's stealing. I disagree. They want you to use it that is why it is everywhere. They are giving it to you for free- so what's the difference between 1 squirt in my hand 10 times a day, or 10 squirts in my bottle once a day? Technically I'm taking the same amount of Purell...right?! It wasn't even my idea, I was at work and found a little pocket Purell and was about to throw it out when my friend suggested I fill it using the bigger pump and keep it. I did just that. Then I posted it as my Facebook status and got an overwhelming response to it. So alas, here I am posting it here at the suggestion of a friend. If you have access to a major shopping center, University or even a well stocked public bathroom, I suggest taking your pocket Purell that you keep in your purse or diaper bag and refilling it. No harm done. I'm not asking you all to be bad@$$ like me...small steps folks, it starts with small steps.
Now I must go make some Tutus, which you can purchase here (in case you were wondering and/or interested).

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.

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