Parking Wars

My husband says that I get annoyed over little things.

I disagree.

I don't get annoyed when there are crumbs all over my floor or when bleach is spilt on my carpet (it happened)...those I would classify as "little things".

However, I do get annoyed when little things turn into BIG things, and when those BIG things start impacting my life in a negative way.

Close your eyes and picture this for a second. Me, carrying Charlotte (a 20lbs squirming toddler), with a diaper bag slung over one shoulder and my school bag (full of HEAVY textbooks) over the other, fighting the wind to get to my car. Not a pretty picture. It usually involves some curse words and a lot of screaming from the squirming toddler. (CRV = mine, crooked car = stupidhead neighbour).

Ok, there is hardly enough room for me to squeeze by to get into my car, how can I possibly get by with 2 bags and a baby?! I can't. So I put said baby down and what does she do? Runs into the parking lot. *negative impact on my life* So nowI have to run and get her, walk over to the other side of the car, manually unlock BOTH doors *stupid car* get Charlotte in all the while she is screaming and yelling and pulling my hair and scratching my face, close the doors, go over to the driver's side, pick up the bags that I dropped when I was running to save my child from THE BIG SCARY PARKING LOT....ok you can see where this story is going. I eventually am able to squeeze myself into my car all the while yelling obscenities in the direction of my neighbours house....10 minutes has passed and now I am really late and really ticked off. This has officially turned into a BIG deal.

Reasons for being ticked off?:
1. My stupidhead neighbour needs to learn how to park her stupidhead car.
2. Clearly I need to lose some weight if I can't squeeze my fat ass in between 2 cars...

Moral of the story? WALK instead of drive (good on the pocket book and environment) and lose weight so that next time (and there will be a next time) your stupidhead neighbour decides to park like a blind person you can fit nicely in between the cars.

See, this isn't a little thing...

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.

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  1. The yellow line can be seen in that photograph and you left ample room. Your stupidhead neighbour should learn how to position herself equally between the two lines. GRRRRR. I know your pain all too well. It seems to happy a lot to me. I have a HUGE 'Baby on Board' decal on my van. I always leave lots of room on the passenger side of the van (only one door), yet people like to wedge their vehicles right up against mine......get a clue people!

  2. I know! Stupidhead is parked right on the yellow line. That is an automatic FAIL on your drivers test. I should "bust the window out {her} car..."