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So my first attempt at a poll on my blog was kind of a fail. Instead of saying "How much do YOU spend weekly on groceries" I wrote, "How much do WE spend weekly on groceries"...and of course despite all my efforts you cannot go in and change the wording of your question once someone has voted. So the question stayed...all week...being wrong and staring at me in the face. FAIL.


I always think it is interesting to see how much other people spend on groceries. I know I'm like the Budget Queen and can pretty much make anything on a dime...but I like to think that I am not the only person out there who spend less then $100 on grocery's...for a week.

So here are the results:
8 people spend between $30-$50
10 people spend between $50-$100
9 people spend between $100-$150
2 people spend $150 or more...

I spend $40 a week (cash only) on groceries. Sometimes a little less if my meal plan includes a lot of leftover meals or if it is a short week (read: we are going to be away for the weekend). It was easier before Charlotte started eating table food as I was just shopping for Lawrence and I, but even with the added mouth (she eats like a man) I can still shop for all of us, for a week, and get everything for the low low low price of $40. I'm magical! I'll prove it too...come back tomorrow to see!

So, my biggest wonder for those who spend over $50 a week- what do you buy?? Granted, your families are probably bigger then mine...but still- what do you buy that costs so much? I'm honestly curious. I mean I know I can easily drop $100 on groceries...but I don't (read: almost never).

My new challenge? Getting all my Christmas Baking supplies in without going over budget...that will be interesting.

There is a new poll- go vote NOW! Please.

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.

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  1. Erin,
    Grocery shopping is one of my guilty pleasures...and I always seem to go when I am hungry (big mistake I know!! something I am working on). But honestly..I spend so mcuh on groceries and probably could spend a lot more...I buy my favourite breads(4.99 a loaf - full of veggies, cheese etc.) sandwhich meat, lots of veggetables and fruit, soy milk (which is suprisingly really expensive) some fresh chicken or pork chops every once in awhile, and juice..that costs me the most and my husband can drink a big bottle a day....and voila my groceries can be 80-150 dollars a weak EASY!!... I have tried the list thing...and I am getting better. I will keep trying :) Just thought I would tell you as ya asked :)

  2. Our lists sound about the same Tricia, except I don't buy my bread and I only buy my meat in bulk and when it is discounted with the bone in and skin on. I swear this cuts at least $20-30 off my bill. I'm ok with spending $50 every couple months on meat that will last us a long while...but I rarely but it on a week to week basis. It's just to expensive. Do you buy frozen juice concentrate? It's much cheaper then a ready-made bottle, and if you cut it in half and use the regular amount of water, it will last you much longer. I always find the concentrate to be so sweet...so that is what we do. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it!

  3. I found a random receipt.

    Cheerios 2/8.00
    Apple Juice .97+.11 for deposit. (I rarely buy juice but thought it would be nice to have in the house around Christmas--mulled/spiced apple cider. All that x4 so I can give some for food donation)
    Sour Cream 1.99 x2
    Dozen eggs 2.29
    mozza cheese 6.49
    butter 3.98
    cole slaw 1.00
    romaine lettuce 3.48
    celery 1.58
    roast 14.59
    spinach 6.98
    cucumber 1.44
    carrots 2.28
    mushroom 3.45
    tomatoes 1.49 x2
    choc pudding 1.29 x2
    cake mix .79
    coconut extract 3.99
    banana extract 3.99
    steaks: 3.79, 3.65, 3.23,4.41,4.05,2.88,4.54,5.98 These were steaks for stir fry, not BBQ steaks which I would have paid more for.

    Total 119.49 and that is for 1 random shopping trip, not a regular week or shopping because it does not include things I already had, like milk, etc. This trip I picked up sale items, and was baking, so it would have been more if it was a true week in addition to baking items, and not a quick run.

    *Also if I am shopping and there is a sale item I always pick up the item up ex. $1.00 cole slaw, and 2 for $8.00 Cheerios. Having said that it is always cheaper to have a list. It is definitely chaper to be organized and have a meal plan for a week, and a bonus is you are never stressed about deciding, after a day at work, what to make for dinner. Now if only I actually did that.

  4. Where do you find discounted meat? Rarely do I see discounted meat.

    I would be interested in reading a comparison post when you move into the city.

  5. Anonymous posters can you please say who you are?! :) TIA.

    As per the discounted meat...every store has discounted meat, Superstore, Safeway, Sobeys...etc. You just have to check. You have to look at the best before date, if it is only good until that day, or the next day (if you are shopping in the evening) then you can ask the butcher. I rarely do it as I shop early on Saturdays and things are usually marked down that morning and since I go early they are still there.

    Once I move back to Calgary (Lethbridge is still considered a city) I will for sure be showing you comparisons. I won't be shopping at a Walmart SuperCentre...so I know for a fact I will be paying more. That being said, Lawrence won't be a student anymore and will be working full-time, so we will have a little more money to spend on groceries.

  6. I am looking forward to your next post Erin. I am still on Mat leave but have found out I don't have a job to go back to. We already follow a budget for everything (food is $89/week and I RARELY go over, usually have money left over in the jar to use when I find a huge sale) but I would love to learn how to spend even less.

    The Walmart here in McKenzie Towne is renovating to become a Supercentre so I am looking forward to that.

    Also, going back to your post about clothing for Miss C, do you just shop on Craigslist and Kijiji? $2 an item is awesome and I need to find deals like that!

  7. I spend somewhere in the $50-$100/week range on groceries. I spend a bit more because I buy Organic foods as much as possible. I also try to buy locally (which isn't always possible), which also can be more expensive.

  8. I spend around $150 a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. If we have company it's more like $200 plus, or if I make soups and simple meals it's more like $120. I don't have a current receipt with me, but this is what I typically buy
    cheese $12
    activia yogurt $4.99
    organic yogurt $5
    coho salmon $15-25 depending on sales
    beef tenderloin steaks $20
    ground beef $5
    boneless skinless chicken breast $20
    organic boneless skinless chicken $15
    fruit and veggies and organic fruit and veggies
    canned and frozen goods
    lunch meat
    non perishables

    That is feeding myself, Preston and Kayla. Kayla eats 90% organic which costs more, but even when she wasn't eating solids our grocery bills were about the same. I do take a list and have cut back my bills as before we spent an obscene amount on money at Safeway. I am very interested to see how you feed a family of 3 on $40 a week as $40 doesn't even buy our produce.

  9. Hey Erin,

    I spend about $75 / week on groceries. I used to spend more like $150. But now I meal plan, I flyer shop, and I use coupons and it has helped a lot. I stock up on meat for the month when it goes on sale, buy in larger quantities because usually it is less per/kg and I also do most of my shopping at walmart or superstore. I also started stretching recipes more, making a bigger batch or spaghetti sauce and using half to make a lasagna and freezing it. It hardly costs any more to do it that way. I also stopped buying juice boxes for my kids lunches and they take frozen from concentrate juice in a reusable juice containter. Oh, and my $75/week includes lunches and breakfasts.