Sick Sucks.

So I have a sinus infection, which for the longest time I thought was H1N1.

Fever- check.

Aches & Chills- check.

Stuffy Nose- check.

H1N1- apparently not.

It's a NASTY sinus infection that has been brewing for 2 weeks. I saw a doctor today. Generally speaking, I like doctors. They help me in a time of need. Today I just needed drugs. Apparently when you go into a clinic and ask for drugs- they treat you suspiciously. It wasn't like I was asking for a morphine drip or Oxycontin...I wanted simple antibiotics that could kick the crap outta the bacteria that had set up in my face. I want to feel normal again! Needless to say, I did walk out of the office with a prescription in hand, but I have a feeling that something was written on my chart so next time I go in (FX I won't have to go back in) the first thing out of my mouth shouldn't be, "I need drugs."

So moving on. Being sick is expensive, but having Health care ROCKS. I mean I pay almost $400 into my University Health care plan at the beginning of the year but that will last me the WHOLE year. There are lots of benefits to health care. Today, my $20 prescription actually only cost me $4. Score...sort of. Oh well- at least I know I'm covered if I need new glasses (which I'm totally getting) and if I need my teeth cleaned (which I totally am) and in case I need an ambulance (which has already happened once this year- for the husband)...I like knowing someone has my back.

I honestly wouldn't mind paying for Charlotte to have health care (we did last year because of my 'new-Mommy' brain) but if I can get it for free- then I'm there. We are would you could consider a family with limited income. We qualify for Alberta Child Health Benefits. SWEET! Free eyeglasses, prescriptions, dental visits, ambulance rides and diabetic supplies. As long as our maximum income doesn't exceed $29,285 in a year, Charlotte is eligible. It also increases with every child you have. Click here for more information or call this number (1.877.469.5437) for more information regarding this TOTALLY AWESOME PROGRAM.

That is all for now. I'm going to go pick up a sewing machine that was graciously given to me by my AWESOME boss- who is AWESOME! You're jealous right?

Frugally Yours,
Erin B.


  1. Erin, that link is awesome! Here's hoping there's something like that in Ontario if I end up needing it.

  2. Oh wait, the link doesn't work. At least I know what to look for!